The Untold Story

By Aarron Mondello


Inner turmoil I have something inside

I just can’t get it out

A tale is bubbling waiting to thrive Waiting on my shout.

I can see the sun so brightly shining
On a castle walls of black
A pie bald mare through fields is galloping
With an armoured knight upon its back.

Where does he go or where has he been
The voices try to say
What are his adventures so far untold
How many has he slain?

If I sit and try to listen
To the tale of this knight
All I come up with is his shield a glistening
While he takes his flight.

Is he hunted or is he chasing
I would so love to know
What are the perils he is facing
Where does his tale go.

See, not every hero is ever sung
Not all tales be told
Some pass silently into the unknown
Whilst being ever bold.

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