Worlds within Words

By Aarron Mondello 


Nestled in the mind of one

Lies a world of stunning folk

Built within the walls of these blank pages

Made of delicately crafted strokes.

A fantastic red bird on the wing

Crimson plumage growing fair

An ape like creature shining brightly

With gold dust in its hair.

Silver antlers growing tall and proud

From the head of a pygmy man

Purple grasses sway in the breeze

Across these unknown lands.

Vast oceans stretch far to the horizon

Playful mermaids cavort and leap

Over the crystal clear sparkling waters

With their tails of emerald green.

Across the mountains covered in trees

A bustling city lies

With gossamer walkways impossibly stretching

Between towers reaching for the skies.

Great tall trees line the streets

Rustling their brightly coloured leaves

As around and through this artisans city

Blows a citrus scented breeze.

Here a woman beautiful and blue

Sits by a man with quills down his spine

Walking past them five identical children

Keeping a perfect line.

A group of giggling duck billed women

Speak a language all their own

Near a family spotted like forest deer

And seven old men made of stone.

The streets fast empty as the twin suns set

And the silver moon rises bright and clear

For night time here in this world of wonders

Holds many things to fear.

Tiny pale poisonous rodents

Chase insects on the ground

Dodging the feet of hulking man beats

Who hunt the night without a sound.

Giant black wolves stalking hungrily

Noses twitch as they scent their prey

All hidden things in this world gone dark

They see with their eyes so grey.

And far above the mountain tops

A dangerous beauty soars

Hungry and deadly on wings of sable

The night trembles when the dragon roars.

This is just one world of many

Lying hidden through the ages

One of many worlds within words

Captured on these pages.

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