Just me being uncertain

I started this blog in attempt to get my writing and poems seen after twenty something years of hiding it from the world.

It’s a drive I only started feeling in full in February of this year after posting a poem about depression in a mens support group on Facebook. It gained a pretty decent audience (largely due to the fact it was topically appropriate for where i posted it, i believe) and one of the members reached out to me asking me if i could write a poem for his partner for Valentines Day. I could, I did and it was reportedly well received by her.

Months later i start my own Facebook page to share my words. A week after that i started this blog.

Here’s the kicker though, I am (as my few friends like to call me) a genuine Tech-tard. Meaning i am clueless about most things computer related.

So here I sit, in front of a computer almost as ancient as the wheel and clumsily try to figure out just how to make all of this happen.

How do I give credit for images that are pulled off of google and list only the site not the artist?

How do i make my blog page more welcoming?

How long should a post be before it’s considered too long?

Would a story posted cause the reader to lose interest because they don’t want to read a  long post?

Is it self indulgent too talk about oneself the way I am now?

All these questions and more I am asking myself repeatedly as i attempt to learn what I am doing whilst trying not to make too big of a fool out of myself.

So cheers to the journey and the experience. If nothing else comes from it, I can (and already do) take satisfaction from having tried…plus i now know how to change a memory thingamajig in my computer.

Have a brilliant day all and thanks for reading the ramblings of an uncertain newcomer in the world of the wide web.

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