A battle with the Past

By Aarron Mondello



In the past he haunted me
Waking or in my dreams
With fists and lashing tongue
He taunted me

A power he held over me
A power I alone gave him
A power I fought long and hard
To wrest back away from him

He wrapped about me dark wings
Of anger and of shame
Gave me vile mood swings
As he softly spoke my name

Through the years I have fought
This vile spectre from the past
And now it’s the memory that I taunt
Aside in hell it’s cast

Now the thought this devil
Still sends a shiver down my spine
And though he still seeks dominion over me
The power is all mine

Lost in the past he shall remain
No power left to his name
And though I may never be the same
His shadow is forever maimed.


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