Hidden Mushroom

By Aarron Mondello


In a cave deep under ground
In a dank and slimy cavern
Where glowing worms chase away the gloom
There grows a stalk so stoutly thick
With a cap as white snow
On a rock all covered in moss
Is a highly sought for mushroom.

It’s the only one with such a stalk
Bright blue and shining
And if half the tales told are true
No wonder everyone is pining
To get there hands on that one of kind
Softly glowing mushroom

Some say one thing it does
Is infuse you with life
And mayhap there be truth In the tale
Of it giving you future sight
Disease and sickness said to be Cleansed from a mother’s womb
If she were to eat just a shred of this marvelous mushroom

One tale told says it repairs old
Injuries taken in the past
Another that it sends you back
To the days you were young and fast
But none will know the truth of these
Few tales and many more
About the hidden mushroom grown From a tiny stardust spore

Featured image: screen shot from the ElderScrolls

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