Dragon and the fly

By Aarron Mondello


“Come with me” the dragon spoke
To the tiny fly
“Let us go discover
What lies beyond the sky”

“But I’m too small” the fly replied
To the dragon great and blue
“My tiny wings will never
Be able to keep up with you”

The dragon laughed and shook his head
“You won’t know until you try
So spread your little wings
And come with me. Let’s fly!”

Up the mighty dragon leapt
High among the clouds
While his tiny little insect friend
Barely left the ground

“Come on” the mighty dragon boomed
“I can’t, I’m just a fly”
To this the dragon scoffed and then
Burnt the fly with his hottest fire.

© Aarron Mondello

I had originally set out to write a tale of unlikely friends seeing the wonders of the world together. Somehow it went awry 🙂

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