Rescued from the dark

By Aarron Mondello



He came down on tattered black wings
And blasted open my door
Screeching curses at all dead things
Promising me evermore
Shall I regret the day I drew breath
Or ever dared to dream
“Soon” he swore “you’ll long for death
And deliver yourself to me
I cried to him a refusal
“You shall not have me!”
But to my own ears my voice sounded thin
And his white eyes gleamed
He knew my lie better than I did
He saw what was in my mind
That in my darkness I wished to die
Hoping peace is what I’d find
But he knew also the time was wrong
I was fractured, yes, but whole
He heard the tentative whispers of my song
The tune strummed upon my soul
He sneered at me and knew full well
My time was drawing nigh
For on the past I too strongly dwelt
Searching for the present lie
He bowed to me then snapped his wings
Soon I lost him to the night
But now for as long as my music sings
I’d dream of his glowing eyes
Or so it was that I once thought
While living in deep shadow
My heart beat frantically, distraught
My life felt empty and hollow
Then so it happened while I was lost
Tired of living in the dark
With a thick coat of furry moss
Growing over my broken heart
That she came then and found me
Sitting in a shadow
Stepping lightly like a dream
She came to take me home
Her wings were golden, purest light
Her eyes clear sparkling blue
She knelt near me dispelling night
And whispered “I’ve come to rescue you”
I nodded, shrugged then looked away
I believed her words were lies
And I saw that a dawning day
Was spreading it’s warm light
When I followed the growing brightness
Back along its lines
I discovered I was frightened
When I saw it spread out from her eyes
She picked me up and cradled me
Comforting my fractured being
Such smiles as she bestowed upon me
I had rarely seen
I fell then into a light sleep
As she carried me to her world
Unknowingly I began to weep
When her golden wings unfurled
Silently she shook her wings
And seemed to float into the sky
Effortlessly riding the shifting winds
While I slept and cried
I awoke in an unfamiliar bed
Soft white goose feather down
In her lap she cradled my head
My shadow could not be found
Many moons have passed since then
Living in each others arms
And in the brightest love my shadow is penned
Where it can do little harm
This angel swooped down and saved me
From a devil that was me
She taught me about bravery
And how to let my light run free.

©Aarron Mondello2017

Featured image: Dance with the devil by Valentina-Remenar

4 thoughts on “Rescued from the dark

  1. Lovely! I literally went, “Ooooh!” when I read the line near the end, ” … a devil that was me”. I really do enjoy the way that you can weave light and dark together in one poem; a lot of writers are one extreme or the other. Stunning choice of picture too. 🙂


    1. Thank you so much. I feel that is high praise indeed!!
      I swear you read my posts more than anyone else here or on facebook and your comments bolster my confidence.
      Just last night I was wondering if I should go back to writing just for myself.
      And then I read your comment and thought, “I’ll keep an it a while yet.”
      Thank you so very much for reading my stuff.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah but how sad that you may disappear! Still, you are a free spirit and we creatives are never entirely predictable. If you must go, I shall miss your poems; but if you stay, I have a strong feeling that you will gain more readers within a few months. Btw, leaving comments on other blogs is a good way of drawing new readers. When I visit a new blog, I read the comments as well as the posts. If somebody consistently leaves nice comments, I will usually check out their blog. I think I’ll write a post of about that sometime soon …

        Liked by 1 person

      2. As it stands right now I am not going anywhere yet.
        Just some insecurities shining through. We all experience that I think.
        As for the commenting, I have begun doing just that.
        Fingers crossed it proves effective 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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