My Strange Dream

By Aarron Mondello


I’m in a crowd
I see a stage
To my left
I see a cage
A man repenting
Full of shame
The crowd is chanting
Words of rage

I scream out to them
“Let him be”
All eyes turn
Hard on me
I only wish them
Just to see
The innocent man
Should be free

They demand of me
A sacrifice
To sate their lust
Their greatest vice
I’d walk away
If I’m wise
But I can’t abide
This shameful sight

Now I’m being
Marched under guard
All eyes follow
Stone cold and hard
In my hands
Is placed a sleek guitar
And the caged man sings
With a hopeful heart

I’ve never learned
To play a note
I struggle hard
Begin to choke
As if by magic
Talent is stoked
And in my soul
Music woke

The crowd is quiet
As I play
Never a note
Going astray
My heart beats sluggish
My blood is clay
Can I win free
Or will I pay?

I feel a great
Strong surprise
As before me
My fingers fly
Then all strings snap
And wrap so tight
Around my throat
Squeezing life

The world goes dark
I lose my vision
I’m filled with
The supposition
That I should not have stepped
Beyond my position
But it’s too late
To learn that lesson

I feel myself
Falling down
In a void
I begin to drown
Then I awake
And look around
I’m where I started
In the jeering crowd

To my left
I see a cage
I hear the crowd
Full of rage
I don’t speak up
To my shame
I leave the man
To his fate

The deed is done
Blood on the floor
And as if opened
Some hidden door
I awake and dream
This night no more
But I remember him
Doomed, forlorn.


This is an actual dream I had on the night of the 11 of January 2018.

I hope you enjoy the quirkiness of my mind…

Image found here


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