The Last King

By Aarron Mondello

Shame on he who raised the ire
And summoned hence the icey fire
Cast down to earth from god’s retreat
Vor’Delee lay down to weep

The Freezing heralded in the night
By brightly glowing heavenly lights
Split into streaks that stung the eye
As comet tails spread across the sky

Most disappeared beyond all sight
While others burst with blinding light
A sudden chill took to the air
And shuddered the bones of all there

Fat, black clouds billowing vast
Gathered in haste and downward cast
Jagged stabs of violent lightning
Winds lashing in a way most frightening

And then began great snows to fall
Wind felled trees ancient and tall
Kicked up the snow thick and white
Behold La’Tail in wroth and might

The wind died down the snow settled
There around all heard a crackle
The oceans about the islands froze
Beginning the end of Vor’Dalee woes

Two full years it took to freeze
The waters around the Vor’Dalee
Yet one by one those people fell
Victim to Ishlarrs wintery spell

Alone stood the king and his only daughter
Split by the last unfrozen waters
He bade her go to the highest hill
Where once they prayed to Ilkahliel

Through rapidly freezing lands he sped
Along a route mapped long in his head
Up golden stairs he gained the hill
To find it empty, his heart bode ill

He poured his magic in the ground
Kept bright and green that great hills crown
And when slow the moon rose that night
The hill glowed softly with emerald light

About him he fashioned a protective dome
A small space not touched by wind or snow
And there upon that last green hill
The King began a year long vigil

From where he stood he watched the snow
Coat mountain high and fill valley low
While ever forward crept living ice
The King stood vigil with westward eyes

Many months passed and his heart grew grim
He felt hope and magic both failing
Though he gazed far through whirling snow
His daughters fate he could not know

At long last came the day
His hope and heart both gave way
Blustering winds broke through his dome
The Kings last breath froze in his throat

He gazed sadly at a world gone white
A single tear fell at his last sight
Of the frozen ocean of his birth
He laid his head on the still green turf

Through the day the hill stayed bright
Glowing with Vor’Dalee magic light
Then pale and cold rose a full moon
The last King sunk into a hilltop tomb

Thus came the end of the Vor’Dalee
No more they fare on land or sea
‘Tis said that there on that great hill
The Last King waits for his daughter still

Penned by the hand of Fregor the Poet.

Accuracy can not be verified.


Vor’Dalee: Ancient and extinct people, custodians of the Gods Organs

Ilkahliel: The Void. The Creator. God of Gods

LA’Tail: First of the Gods, god of life, the sun and all green things that grow

Ishlarr: Goddess of Winter, snow, and all who dwell within.


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