Death Comes

By Aarron Mondello

The skies are heavy, dense and grey
Storm clouds set in, here to stay,
They boom a warning in their thunderous way
Bright lightning chases the night away

The wind picks up with a moan and howl
On it a rider wearing a black cowl
The shadow of his hood hides a permanent scowl
From him rises a stench so foul

Black steed lands with a deafening boom
Thunder crashes when it stamps its hooves
Soaking up the light of the paling moon
Death now dances to a stormy tune

The moon winks out bereft of light
Behind the rider all things die
Death strides out into the night
Upon his horse, a fearsome Knight

On over the misty mountains blue
And the deepest valleys he rides on through
Thunder trailing his every move
Death comes to shake his hand with you



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