My Style

By Aarron Mondello


Every time I write a poem
They almost always sound the same
The rhythm of each poem carries over
Only the words seem to change

I see people write of feelings
Or the things on which they dwell
I’ve read many writes of scenery
The poets wants to tell

I’ve seen hearts poured on a page
In beautifully crafted words
Yet all I write feels the same
As my last rhyming verse

There are worlds behind my eyes
I need to put them down
But no matter how hard I try
Most of my writing shares a sound

Though sometimes I make a change
To the words there on my page
Usually I end up reverting
To this format at some stage

Does this make me bad
At the thing I love to do
Does this make worse
At our shared art than you?

I do not think it does
I think it’s just my style
So I’ll keep doing what I do
And put my words down with a smile

©Aarron Mondello


2 thoughts on “My Style

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