If I

By Aarron Mondello


If I pulled out my Beating Heart Would you keep it beside your bed
Would you know that every beat was meant for you
Or would you forget you had it, another nick nack in your room

If I sold my soul to you
Would you keep it in your pocket
Would you spend your spare moments listening to its song
or would you put it down somewhere and ignore it

If I took the dreams of my imagination
Would you use them in your sleep for Fantastical exploration
Would you watch the world’s unfold in times of relaxation
Or would you turn your eyes away from my foreign destinations

If I laid my whole self prostrate on the floor
Succumbed to you in every way promised yours forever more
Would you wrap your arms about me like protective armour
Or would you walk all over me in your haste to reach the door

©Aarron Mondello




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