Once In A While

By Aarron Mondello


Once in a while the veil grows thin
Through the unseeable wall the dead peer in
Jostling each other for a view of the living
Existing in torment and dead in their sin

Once in a while a sly one breaks through
Finds a small hole and slips on into
This world we take for granted destroy and abuse
And it joins us in prayer on the wooden church pews

Once in a while one hides in plain sight
Giggling maniacally as it strolls through the night
Relishing in the embrace of the mortal sunlight
Just another pair of eyes in this degenerate life

Once in a while the dead grow too many
Walking this world full of darkness aplenty
Evil in their eyes shine brighter than any
That still walk alive shining their pennies

Once in a while the dead get the urge
To rise up and swell in great numbers and surge
Through the lives of the living and kill, a great purge
Once in a while the dead dream of the Earth

©Aarron Mondello




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