The Forest Maiden

By Aarron Mondello


From the dark forest came a single caw
A warning from a raven
Yet on he drew to a shadows maw
The young man felt no craven

A light wind blew like the breeze of death
And carried the scent of age old pine
It rustled the leaves like a gentle breath
As the young man crossed the shadows line

Forlorn and lonely a distant wolf’s cry
Piercing the silent veil
Above thick branches blocked out the sky
Through which no light could avail

The howl cut off and silence reigned
The forest grew mute and pressing
Through shifting shadows his eyes strained
Against dark trees standing sentry

Came then a whisper at his ear
He whipped his head around
He spied no one in the darkness near
Goosebumps climbed his flesh

On through the forest made of night
Where shadows tricked his eyes
And showed him a woman clothed in white
Beautiful and wise

Flitting between the trees he saw her
She moved without a sound
She ignored his every attempt to call her
A cool mist rose up from the ground

Came again a bare whisper-a word
Follow follow follow
Soft and alluring was the voice he heard
His breath came rapid and shallow

They came at last to a well lit space
A clearing in the trees
She opened her arms to offer embrace
A gesture that drove him to his knees

The fog engulfed that man and maiden
A billowing wall of white
It swallowed whole the man-no craven
Left alone his lady dressed in white

The moon saw all with its pale stare
The Maiden lay on the grass
Her body melted into the air
Until the next young man should pass

©Aarron Mondello



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