The Turncoat Soldiers

By Aarron Mondello

The golden sun finally rises over the bloody field
A battle raging all night long, neither side did yield
It slowly climbs the sky, and lights what men have wrought
Death and destruction, countless lives laid down for naught
While leagues away in great halls other “men” sit safe
While those that fall at the word of a king bare that monarchs chain
Heavy are the iron links that bid the puppets fight
Then in the eyes of many flares a rebellious light
They bury their dead, collect their weapons and turn tired to home
In their minds and hearts they’re tearing down halls of golden bone
And casting down to the dusty ground the body of a coward King
Who sat aside while others died and bade the minstrels sing
Of the brave hearts he sent to die for crown and kith and kin
The soldiers March
Towards the sovereign heart
To behead the serpent king

©Aarron Mondello
Penned 11/2/2018

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