The Timeless Hall


Cold hard eyes line the walls
Stern faces set in stone
Ancient judgement weighs down on all
Left from an age ago

No wind or rain has touched the features
Of these sombre stone-carved beings
No marring hand of relentless nature
To scour their faces clean

Tall arched windows set up high
Coated thick with dirt and grime
Let in a gloomy filtered light
To this great hall lost in time

No cobwebs or rodent dens
Grace the corners of this room
As though inside all life ends
In the silence of a tomb

Great bronze doors old and stained
Rest in hinges made of rust
Facing a throne where sit human remains
Bones falling into dust

Outside the walls the years rage
About in an open field
Until one day there will come an age
This Hall to time will finally yield.

©Aarron Mondello

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