Hello? Can you hear me?
I can see you standing there
Just beyond my peripheral
Playing with your hair
I felt your eyes upon my back
The moment you began to stare
Yet when I turn to face you
You vanish in thin air

Hello? Is that you again?
I just heard the floorboards creak
Sure I am that you’ve begun
To down my hallway creep
The thought of you coming near
Makes my knees go weak
As all alone I imagine
This time we finally speak

Hello? It’s so very late
Is that you sitting near?
I can see a shape on my bed
It’s too dark to see you clear
All this time we’ve lived together
All this time I’ve felt no fear
But it’s oh so late, it’s oh so dark
Why did you come in here?

Hello? Can you let me go?
Wrapped up this sheet
I just want to go to bed
I just want to sleep
Are you too dead and heartless
To hear my frightened screams
My throat is raw from begging you
To please just let me be

Hello? Am I dying now?
I can feel the fresh bites bleed
Why did you decide on me
To sate your carnal needs?
Why did you choose me out
To plant vampiric seeds?
I just want it now to end
And in my death be freed

Hello. We can see you
We are watching day and night
Such fresh flesh and lively eyes
Such a delectable delight
We just may have a snack
A little something light
So just sleep sound and don’t mind us
Creeping through the night

©Aarron Mondello



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