What I Saw In The City

I would love to know what you think.


Every where I look I see
Degenerate humanity
Empty eyed they stare through me
If they even look up from their screens.

Gone are smiles or a friendly Hi
For strangers as they pass you by
Too boxed in by their own lives
Distracted by their living lies.

Lost in their world of self importance
Shamefully hiding their impotence
Wearing a veil of ignorance
And imaginary grievances.

© Aarron Mondello 2017

Just some thoughts

Hi everyone.

In the last two weeks I have started my own Facebook page (linked on my home page here if anyone would like to check it out and maybe like or share it) and this blog. I’ve been relentlessly pursuing the goal of trying to get my work seen, which is something I have never before sought to do. I have taught myself how to fix minor issues with a computer (self confessed tech-tard here) and began writing what I hope will turn into my first book, actually completed the first rough draft of what i view as a prologue just a few hours ago. As well putting down every little idea that flows through my brain.  This around the joyful horrors of raising for wonderful demons…i mean children.

Never before have I felt such drive and i must say its exhausting. But that has, in no way, lessened my desire to find out if I’m actually any good with a pen.

But as i sit here early in the morning or late at night, or indeed at any moment i have spare and read through some of the works of other bloggers with creative minds I am awestruck, and truth be told, a little daunted at how many i see who are just like me.

Never before did i imagine there were so many aspiring writers, or people who do it just for the love of the craft, with such talent.

I guess in hindsight that was pretty naive of me considering the sheer amount of people there are in the world. But i think we are all entitled to little naivety in our time provided we don’t use it an excuse to forever wallow in ignorance. The old saying “ignorance is bliss” might be true for the ignorant but for those of us with our eyes open it can very tiresome when met with a person who refuses to see the outside of their bubble.

Anyway, I just wanted to come here tonight (7:12pm where I am) and share what was in my head. I think that’s  what we all come here for at the end of the day. If you see any of my posts up feel free to tell me its shit, provided that’s your honest opinion.

Have a brilliant night everyone and thanks for reading the ramblings of just one in the sea of people in the world of the wide web.

Just me being uncertain

I started this blog in attempt to get my writing and poems seen after twenty something years of hiding it from the world.

It’s a drive I only started feeling in full in February of this year after posting a poem about depression in a mens support group on Facebook. It gained a pretty decent audience (largely due to the fact it was topically appropriate for where i posted it, i believe) and one of the members reached out to me asking me if i could write a poem for his partner for Valentines Day. I could, I did and it was reportedly well received by her.

Months later i start my own Facebook page to share my words. A week after that i started this blog.

Here’s the kicker though, I am (as my few friends like to call me) a genuine Tech-tard. Meaning i am clueless about most things computer related.

So here I sit, in front of a computer almost as ancient as the wheel and clumsily try to figure out just how to make all of this happen.

How do I give credit for images that are pulled off of google and list only the site not the artist?

How do i make my blog page more welcoming?

How long should a post be before it’s considered too long?

Would a story posted cause the reader to lose interest because they don’t want to read a  long post?

Is it self indulgent too talk about oneself the way I am now?

All these questions and more I am asking myself repeatedly as i attempt to learn what I am doing whilst trying not to make too big of a fool out of myself.

So cheers to the journey and the experience. If nothing else comes from it, I can (and already do) take satisfaction from having tried…plus i now know how to change a memory thingamajig in my computer.

Have a brilliant day all and thanks for reading the ramblings of an uncertain newcomer in the world of the wide web.