For Me

By Aarron Mondello



The fog rolls over
The air grows heavy
So does my heart
I’m not ready
To put it all out there
So I keep it all here
Where it’s safe
And only for me

The rain pours down
I feel like I’ll drown
In others expectations
But here’s a revelation
I don’t need your permission
Or justification
To walk this path
That’s only for me

Is it selfish?
I don’t relish
In brushing others aside
But I must ride
This rollercoaster
The end draws closer
To when I finally
Act only for me

© 2017

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A Haunting

By Aarron Mondello



A Haunting.

Late last night home alone
I was sitting on the sofa
When behind me I heard a sorrowful moan
And footsteps coming closer

Instantly I jumped up scared
And looked behind me in the room
Nothing did I see there
Bar shadows cast in from the moon

I told myself it was just
My imagination
I told myself that I must
Quit drugs use in recreation

Convinced that I was just a fool
I resumed my comfy place
When there came the feel of something cool
Sliding down my face

I cried out in alarm
And jumped quickly up again
Painfully knocking my left arm
On the couches wooden end

I grabbed my throbbing elbow
And peered into the gloom
I could hear a dry laugh echo
In the shadows around the room

“Whose there” I squeaked
Sounding like a frightened child
I will admit I was more than freaked
My imagination running wild

It was then the TV turned up loud
I turned slowly round to stare
And what I saw shifting like a cloud
There was a spectre standing there

I closed my eyes shut tight
I shook my head in disbelief
It surely was just a trick in the night
My mind surely was diseased

When I looked again the ghost was gone
I walked up to the TV
I reached out a hand to turn it down
And a jolt ran straight through me

I yelled loud, the pain was sharp
I heard a fizzle and a zap
The TV exploded sending shards
Stabbing right into my hand

I cried out and stumbled back
Tears unbidden came in a flood
Yet when I looked down at my hand
There was no glass, no cuts, no blood.

The TV was fine and whole
‘It had to be in my mind’
I thought until in the darkened hall
The grandfather clock began to chime

Well past the count of twelve it went
And when I went to the hall investigate
I was assaulted by a foul wind

It stank of death and rot this wind
And blew strong from within the walls
On it rode madness chanting
Lusting for my entrails

It blew so hard it knocked me down
I landed painfully on my back
I was to scared to get off the ground
Until I spied the widening crack

Moving swiftly along the plaster ceiling
From with glowed an eerie light
I was struck numb with the feeling
That tonight I was going to die

I jumped up and ran
Towards the rear door
As I went I could hear
Something wet splat on the floor

I looked back when I reached the door
Peering over my shoulder
The vision there that I saw
Made my skin grow colder

Mother dear long in her grave
Dripping luminescent green slime
Half the skin rotting from her face
Wearing a twisted rotting smile

This was it the end for me
I shut my eyes and began to scream
The suddenly the world went quiet
And held its breath it seemed to me

I sank down against the wood
My mind a babbling mess
Then despite myself I closed my eyes
And fell into a tortured rest

I woke with a start near 2am
Still sitting on the floor
And there I stayed the rest of the night
Against the cool back door

For the rest of that eerie night
Not a single thing moved
Except my ever darting eyes
And the slowly crawling moon

And now this today as the sun sets
And the house grows slowly darker
My heartbeats wildly as I fret
At the thought of a spirits cackling laughter.


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A Date with the Devil

By Aarron Mondello


Fi Di diddly dun
Come with me let’s have some fun
Cavorting leaping in the sun
Fornicating ’til the day is done

Fi Di diddly do
Come on now it’s just me and you
Searching seeking under the moon
Oh such wicked things we’ll do

Fi di diddly dil
Together we shall taste the thrill
Together we will make the kill
You and I have blood to spill

Fi Di diddly dair
Come my love don’t look so scared
Wipe those tears off your cheeks so fair
Then follow me close to my lair

Fi Di diddly Di
Pass with me under the sky
Secure under my watchful eye
Here with me I’ll help you die

Fi Di diddly dome
You’ll rot here forever all alone
Corrupted here so far from home
And now your soul is my own

Fi Di diddly dell
I have a secret I will tell
In your afterlife you can dwell
On the knowledge that I came from hell.


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Unwell child

We’ve had a stomach flu slowly work its way through our kids. Been a rough few nights.

By Aarron Mondello


My body’s heavy
Legs unsteady
Eyelids want to close already
No luxury to be forgetting
Those others who rely on you.

The night lasted ages
Ruled by the dilapidated
And poisoned sages
Who at midnight’s hour serenaded
Me with vomits contagious song.

The sun it rose much too soon
Where is the night bring back the moon
So tired now I start to swoon
Long does the day before me loom
Vile and full of filth.

The night was long
As illness prolonged
Ripped through laughters usual song
As we exhausted waited upon
The illness to leave him to be.

But he awoke with sparkling eyes
No longer throat full of painful cries
Despite my already tired sighs
I’d take comfort if I’m wise
In a chap now laughing loudly.


Just some thoughts

Hi everyone.

In the last two weeks I have started my own Facebook page (linked on my home page here if anyone would like to check it out and maybe like or share it) and this blog. I’ve been relentlessly pursuing the goal of trying to get my work seen, which is something I have never before sought to do. I have taught myself how to fix minor issues with a computer (self confessed tech-tard here) and began writing what I hope will turn into my first book, actually completed the first rough draft of what i view as a prologue just a few hours ago. As well putting down every little idea that flows through my brain.  This around the joyful horrors of raising for wonderful demons…i mean children.

Never before have I felt such drive and i must say its exhausting. But that has, in no way, lessened my desire to find out if I’m actually any good with a pen.

But as i sit here early in the morning or late at night, or indeed at any moment i have spare and read through some of the works of other bloggers with creative minds I am awestruck, and truth be told, a little daunted at how many i see who are just like me.

Never before did i imagine there were so many aspiring writers, or people who do it just for the love of the craft, with such talent.

I guess in hindsight that was pretty naive of me considering the sheer amount of people there are in the world. But i think we are all entitled to little naivety in our time provided we don’t use it an excuse to forever wallow in ignorance. The old saying “ignorance is bliss” might be true for the ignorant but for those of us with our eyes open it can very tiresome when met with a person who refuses to see the outside of their bubble.

Anyway, I just wanted to come here tonight (7:12pm where I am) and share what was in my head. I think that’s  what we all come here for at the end of the day. If you see any of my posts up feel free to tell me its shit, provided that’s your honest opinion.

Have a brilliant night everyone and thanks for reading the ramblings of just one in the sea of people in the world of the wide web.


Welcome to My Worlds In Words, a blog I have started to share some of my writing with people outside of my usual circle.

I’ve been writing as a personal hobby for over 20 years. I have no credentials to speak of, I simply picked up a pen one day and forgot how to put it down. Now I have decided to share it.

So welcome and thank you for coming to view my worlds.