The End


Forlorn they cry where shadows lie
And husbands leave the home
Sons and brothers, uncles and fathers,
Across a dead land roam

Skies of black above their backs
Shoulders hunched by woe
A weary tred as legions head
To face the tyrant foe

For rest they yearn while fires burn
Beacons on the horizon
Terror signs of evil times
And shadow hordes arising

A shifting cloak of boiling smoke
An acrid rotting smell
Hid beasts of death with poisonous breath
Eyes lit with fires of hell

Face to face with weapons raised
In a land gone black with blight
Brave men roared when arrows soared
Shadows called delight

On that field did no man yield
Each and all were slain
The shadow hordes and Midnight Lords
Marched on to bloody reign

©Aarron Mondello 29/7/2018

Happy Place

There’s a rushing in my ears

I just can’t block it out

A bubbling in my throat that

Makes me want to scream and shout

A tightness in my chest that

Makes it hard to breathe

Where did these feelings come from

Who planted all the seeds

Of tears in my eyes that grow

Like silver woven lace

Little pearls of sadness

Sliding down my face

A pounding in my head comes from

All the shouting voices

All trying to push me

To make all of their choices

While somewhere in the past lives

The memory of a ghost

A slimy little symbiote

Of which I am the host

I close my eyes and take a breath

None of it matters here

In a special little hidey hole

I keep between my ears

Copyright Aarron Mondello


Into the Sand


The crashing of waves
The clashing of steel
As men battle by the sea
Spreading back along
The bloody sand
The ravens start to feed

The tang of salt
The reek of blood
The cries of dying men
A dull thudding
Of a horse’s hooves
Galloping down the sand

Night falls slow
One lone figure
Remains standing on the shore
Gazing blank eyed
At the death about
Wondering what he was fighting for

When the sun rose
Early the next day
The man was lying dead
Not one soul
Was left to fight
Into to the sand they bled

©Aarron Mondello


Heavens War

By Aarron Mondello


In the heavens gods are fighting
Burning red skies, fire lighting
The battle grounds of warriors divine
Admit me to those halls of thine

I’ll cometh to thee on the back
Of a winged stallion midnight black
Grant to me thy holy word
Give to me thy holy sword

Together we will darkness brave
Keep full of light thy holy nave
For crumbling are the halls of man
Weakening is thy shepherds hand

In the heavens lightning flashing
Angels, demons, blades are crashing
Grant me this boon oh great divine
Allow me to battle by your side

©Aarron Mondello

The image I have used was taken from my back yard about 30 minutes before this post. It inspired this poem and I hope you enjoy it. It’s a bit different from what I’d usually write

Heroically Dead Deeds

By Aarron Mondello


Ten days and nights
The battle raged on
A battle of which
Minstrels made songs
Telling the deeds
Of the heroically dead
Leaving out details
Of fear and death
Glorifying glamorising
The horrors of war
Convincing the gullible
That in death there is honour
But no honour can be found
In soiling ones pants
In the final split second
Before a killing blow lands
Can you have pride
In taking a life
Stealing a husband and father
From children and wife
Will you manage to forget
The many deaths at your feet
Or will the ghosts of the slain
Haunt you in sleep
An eye for an eye
Will leave the world blind
But those rich in power
Really don’t mind
If the world at large
Can no longer see
Anything except
Heroically dead deeds.

© Aarron Mondello2017

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