The Devil And Me

By Aarron Mondello


Travelling down the dark and empty street

With the devil by my side
He trotting with me on hooves not on feet
Matching my every stride.

Obsidian horns emit a black light
Stealing it from the stars
Around his shoulders rests a cloak of the night
And I speak “ What a glorious beast you are.”

Soul piercing eyes burn bright into me
As he turns his head to stare
His smile so wide it shows jagged black teeth
Framed by luscious lips so fair.

A sinuous grace that steals my senses
Brings to mind a poisonous snake
As beautiful temptation worms through my defences
Dark appetites begin to wake.

A body so shaped and seemingly supple
How can such perfection be true
I feel my mind  over taken my thoughts all befuddled
I speak “ What a beautiful creature are you.”

I stop where I stand as he turns once again
Those entrancing white eyes upon me
With a sharp whip like crack his cloak is now wings
And be begs “Let the me in your heart run free.”

‘I will’ I promise from somewhere inside
And although I never actually spoke
He nods knowingly when my desire he spied
He then turned and away he strode.

I stood in a shadow and watched my love leave
Growing hazier with every step
The deepest struggle I’ve known is to make sure I breathe
As he wafted away like a last dying breath.

I came back to myself and looked around scared
Almost worried that he’d soon be back
Almost hoping his wings would trap me – ensnared
Whilst feeling my horns of obsidian black.