Chemical Crutches

By Aarron Mondello


Poison sludge under the skin
These chemical crutches
Lives are ruined from within
Reliance clutches
Scratching digging deepening
It’s hold on the broken
And the weeping
Never sleeping
Eating away their courage
They aren’t there
They no longer sing
These chemical crutches
Reign supreme
Loved ones watch and stare
In a darkened dream
As these chemical crutches
Slowly win
And those we love are forever changed
Those we love are forever maimed
Digging deeper always scratching
Are the chemical crutches of our addiction.


I think it’s a safe bet that we all know someone battling addiction in some way. Whether it’s cigarettes (like me) or a harder and deadlier substance (like someone I used to be close to) addiction is real and can destroy lives.

Help those that want it. Addiction can be a cage.


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Things I Always Say

By Aarron Mondello


If you take a book off my shelf
Put it back in the same space
If you watch one of my movies
Put it back it’s right case
If you empty the toilet roll
Put another in its place
If you think you’re eating dinner here
Best go wash you hands and face
If you’re inside walk don’t run
It’s not a bloody race
If you’re going out today
Behave with with a bit of grace
If you’re putting sneakers on
Don’t forget to tie the lace
If you’re putting flowers on my table
Use the silver vase
If I call you then please come here
Don’t make me give chase
If you speak don’t lie to me
It really is a disgrace
And if you mess up and I chastise you
Don’t make that bloody face
If you listened I wouldn’t have to          Repeat myself all day


Featured image: Statler from Jim Henson’s The Muppets


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