Last Night


I saw your eyes in the shadowed night
Shining with an inner light
And all my fears washed away
When I saw in your eyes you meant to stay

You tickled my neck with your whispers
As softly spoken as velvet slippers
The promises you made caused me to sweat
Sultry sentences with veiled threat

And as we lay in the pale moonlight
Your glowing skin a beautiful sight
Nothing could prepare me for what came next
You plunged a dagger into my chest

A gurgling rattle sounded my last breath
I lay with you and succumbed to death
The last thing I saw as I finally died
Your gleeful smile spreading wide

©Aarron Mondello



A Land Passed


An ancient ruined
Battered keep
A home for the dead
Hear them weep
Forever here
In eternal sleep
Forever trapped
In a ruined keep

Green grass swaying
Around full grown trees
Spoken softly
On the breeze
Words unheard
Yet understood with ease
As spirits rest
Amongst the trees

All but forgotten
Denizens of this land
Forever untouched
By gods hands
Prisoners in glass
Within times sands
The long dead people
Of this long dead land

©Aarron Mondello





I recall well the electrical moons
Grimy flickering street lights
I remember I caught you as you started to swoon
And watched you drift out of my life

Thunder crashed loud in the world around
I swear it called out your name
A wild deity’s calamitous shout
Asking you to His game

The rain fell gently pattering the streets
Slick and shining yellow
With such fear in your eyes you turned slowly to me
You skin gone ashen and sallow

And here I stand in the street again
I stand where you were stolen from me
There I can see your spirit dance in the rain
Weightless, forever carefree

You dance over to me, like gossamer lace
The wind blowing your ethereal hair
Up on your toes you gently kiss my face
A kiss like a tickle of air

You smile at me with bright searching eyes
As you fade again from my sight
Like a breath on my cheek there your fingers lie
In a reflective caress godnight

©Aarron Mondello

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Angel Baby

By Aarron Mondello


Good morning Angel Baby
I see you sitting there
Far above me in the heavens
In a rainbow rocking chair

I miss you Angel Baby
I wish that you were home
There’s been a hole in my heart
From the moment you were gone

I still hold you Angel Baby
Every moment in my heart
Can you feel my embrace
From your home among the stars

I still love you Angel Baby
With every breath I take
Some days I feel the emptiness
Is more than I can face

Can I see you Angel Baby
Sometimes I can it seems
In photographs all around
And always in my dreams

Where you are Angel Baby
I pray you’re not alone
One day I’ll come there to you
On that day I’m coming home

©Aarron Mondello


Welcome to Hell

By Aarron Mondello


The heat is building past the boiling point
Melting like ice every bone and every joint
Skin is sloughing slowly off my charred skeleton
Caught in a blast that ripped the land apart, a megaton
My eyes are melting into jelly that dribbles down my cheeks
Before my sense of smell is gone I catch my burning reek
I hear tortured screams as others burn around me everywhere
Before I die, for just a moment, I think how is this fair?
Then a light so very bright burns into my ruptured eyes
I look and see on many faces an expression of surprise
We are not dead, in fact it seems we are all okay
I do not understand what’s the point of this horror game
Then booms a voice all around and drives us to our knees
“Welcome to Hell, line at the gate, and collect your wristbands please.”

©Aarron Mondello


Death Comes

By Aarron Mondello

The skies are heavy, dense and grey
Storm clouds set in, here to stay,
They boom a warning in their thunderous way
Bright lightning chases the night away

The wind picks up with a moan and howl
On it a rider wearing a black cowl
The shadow of his hood hides a permanent scowl
From him rises a stench so foul

Black steed lands with a deafening boom
Thunder crashes when it stamps its hooves
Soaking up the light of the paling moon
Death now dances to a stormy tune

The moon winks out bereft of light
Behind the rider all things die
Death strides out into the night
Upon his horse, a fearsome Knight

On over the misty mountains blue
And the deepest valleys he rides on through
Thunder trailing his every move
Death comes to shake his hand with you



The Last King

By Aarron Mondello

Shame on he who raised the ire
And summoned hence the icey fire
Cast down to earth from god’s retreat
Vor’Delee lay down to weep

The Freezing heralded in the night
By brightly glowing heavenly lights
Split into streaks that stung the eye
As comet tails spread across the sky

Most disappeared beyond all sight
While others burst with blinding light
A sudden chill took to the air
And shuddered the bones of all there

Fat, black clouds billowing vast
Gathered in haste and downward cast
Jagged stabs of violent lightning
Winds lashing in a way most frightening

And then began great snows to fall
Wind felled trees ancient and tall
Kicked up the snow thick and white
Behold La’Tail in wroth and might

The wind died down the snow settled
There around all heard a crackle
The oceans about the islands froze
Beginning the end of Vor’Dalee woes

Two full years it took to freeze
The waters around the Vor’Dalee
Yet one by one those people fell
Victim to Ishlarrs wintery spell

Alone stood the king and his only daughter
Split by the last unfrozen waters
He bade her go to the highest hill
Where once they prayed to Ilkahliel

Through rapidly freezing lands he sped
Along a route mapped long in his head
Up golden stairs he gained the hill
To find it empty, his heart bode ill

He poured his magic in the ground
Kept bright and green that great hills crown
And when slow the moon rose that night
The hill glowed softly with emerald light

About him he fashioned a protective dome
A small space not touched by wind or snow
And there upon that last green hill
The King began a year long vigil

From where he stood he watched the snow
Coat mountain high and fill valley low
While ever forward crept living ice
The King stood vigil with westward eyes

Many months passed and his heart grew grim
He felt hope and magic both failing
Though he gazed far through whirling snow
His daughters fate he could not know

At long last came the day
His hope and heart both gave way
Blustering winds broke through his dome
The Kings last breath froze in his throat

He gazed sadly at a world gone white
A single tear fell at his last sight
Of the frozen ocean of his birth
He laid his head on the still green turf

Through the day the hill stayed bright
Glowing with Vor’Dalee magic light
Then pale and cold rose a full moon
The last King sunk into a hilltop tomb

Thus came the end of the Vor’Dalee
No more they fare on land or sea
‘Tis said that there on that great hill
The Last King waits for his daughter still

Penned by the hand of Fregor the Poet.

Accuracy can not be verified.


Vor’Dalee: Ancient and extinct people, custodians of the Gods Organs

Ilkahliel: The Void. The Creator. God of Gods

LA’Tail: First of the Gods, god of life, the sun and all green things that grow

Ishlarr: Goddess of Winter, snow, and all who dwell within.


Rainbow Bridge

By Aarron Mondello


Sometimes I see you walking slowly down the hall,
Hear the creaking boards and cushioned thud of every soft footfall,
Then you step into the light and I expect you to disappear,
But you remain and gaze through me like I’m the dead one here,
I’m unsure how to bridge the gap between the living and the dead,
Would that I could build a rainbow bridge with just my head.

©Aarron Mondello



By Aarron Mondello


The Traveller with his hat pulled low
Against the scorching sun
Strolling across the desert, slow
A Devil on the run

His heart burns cold like ice
A dead lump in his chest
On his skin the blood of life
Behind him shadows nest

He rides the tail of his black fame
Clear across the land
Wearing a mask of unfelt shame
And a jacket fashioned from the skin of man

The Devil shines bright in his eyes
He long ago sold his soul
Spreading since then malicious lies
While his footsteps salt the soil

Since the day he signed the pact in blood
Evil in his heart has reigned
He swore off from any brotherhood
His joy that day was slain

Now all he dreams is blood
Now all he leaves is death
Now all he worships is his black God
With dark prayers upon his breath

©Aarron Mondello

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A Horse Thief’s Tryst

By Aarron Mondello


He came to town for a bit of a tryst
Behind the saloon they cuddled and kissed
Meeting secretly in the bars shadow
He left his hat when it was time to go
He mounted his horse and rode out East
Rejoicing in the feel of the powerful beast
She stood there alone and silently wept
Coveting his hat, a secret kept
Twelve days passed and she saw no sign
Of her lovers lips so supple and fine
The thirteenth day brought events unexpected
When she heard her lover had today been arrested
She fetched his hat and left her house
To bring it to him like a dutiful spouse
She reached the gaol around ten o’clock
And stood outside trying to straighten her frock
She took a deep breath and strode on in
Cast aside fears of their hidden sin
The news she heard warred with her belief
He was to be hung as a rotten horse thief
Four days later, in the town square
Gallows erected, everybody was there
They brought him out with a hood on his head
Ten minutes later her was hung and dead
Now she wears no frock, instead chaps and a vest
And stole a strong horse to ride out west.

©Aarron Mondello2017

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