Heavens War

By Aarron Mondello


In the heavens gods are fighting
Burning red skies, fire lighting
The battle grounds of warriors divine
Admit me to those halls of thine

I’ll cometh to thee on the back
Of a winged stallion midnight black
Grant to me thy holy word
Give to me thy holy sword

Together we will darkness brave
Keep full of light thy holy nave
For crumbling are the halls of man
Weakening is thy shepherds hand

In the heavens lightning flashing
Angels, demons, blades are crashing
Grant me this boon oh great divine
Allow me to battle by your side

©Aarron Mondello

The image I have used was taken from my back yard about 30 minutes before this post. It inspired this poem and I hope you enjoy it. It’s a bit different from what I’d usually write

Dream Demons

By Aarron Mondello


Dreams like little movies
Played out in your sleep
If you dream of demons
Pray your soul will keep

They hunger for emotion
A delicacy is your fear
It’s probably already too late
If a demon is creeping near

Tormented souls, evil sprites
Forgotten things they’ll throw at you
You’ll be lucky to be alive
When the dream demons are through

Do not think of loved ones
Or things close to your heart
These things they’ll use against you
A silent knife in the dark

Dreams like horror movies
Played out in your head
If you dream of demons
Then you’re already dead

©Aarron Mondello

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