By Aarron Mondello


The Traveller with his hat pulled low
Against the scorching sun
Strolling across the desert, slow
A Devil on the run

His heart burns cold like ice
A dead lump in his chest
On his skin the blood of life
Behind him shadows nest

He rides the tail of his black fame
Clear across the land
Wearing a mask of unfelt shame
And a jacket fashioned from the skin of man

The Devil shines bright in his eyes
He long ago sold his soul
Spreading since then malicious lies
While his footsteps salt the soil

Since the day he signed the pact in blood
Evil in his heart has reigned
He swore off from any brotherhood
His joy that day was slain

Now all he dreams is blood
Now all he leaves is death
Now all he worships is his black God
With dark prayers upon his breath

©Aarron Mondello

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A Date with the Devil

By Aarron Mondello


Fi Di diddly dun
Come with me let’s have some fun
Cavorting leaping in the sun
Fornicating ’til the day is done

Fi Di diddly do
Come on now it’s just me and you
Searching seeking under the moon
Oh such wicked things we’ll do

Fi di diddly dil
Together we shall taste the thrill
Together we will make the kill
You and I have blood to spill

Fi Di diddly dair
Come my love don’t look so scared
Wipe those tears off your cheeks so fair
Then follow me close to my lair

Fi Di diddly Di
Pass with me under the sky
Secure under my watchful eye
Here with me I’ll help you die

Fi Di diddly dome
You’ll rot here forever all alone
Corrupted here so far from home
And now your soul is my own

Fi Di diddly dell
I have a secret I will tell
In your afterlife you can dwell
On the knowledge that I came from hell.


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A childhood stolen
Innocence lost
Your depraved appetites
Came with a cost
But it isn’t a cost
That you have to bare
The horror you inflicted upon her
It just was not fair
You deserve to be skinned
And strung up alive
The poor little angel
I’m glad she survived
But while you sit there with
Not enough time behind bars
Your demons she’ll carry
No matter how far
She may travel to try and escape you.

The devil under her bed
Is frighteningly real
The ghosts inside her head
Feel corporeal
Physically there
Living in her soul
Physically there
She lives in a hole
And you still dare
To smile away
Her ghosts and demons
Will devour you one day.

©Aarron Mondello 2017

This one comes from a very personal experience. Thank you for reading and please, feel free to let me know what you think.

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The Maiden

By Aarron Mondello


The Maiden spoke with voice so fair
“Come ”
As the sun shone auburn in her hair
She smiled so wide and free
Her eyes sparkled mischievously

She laid her shoulders bare
She showed him sights so fare
He felt his manhood flare
Her body did she share

He took selfish pleasure in this deed
He sated primal lusts and needs
He felt his spirit soared free
She now slept contentedly

Deep down felt an unknown fear
Ignored the whispers in his ear
Did not see the shadows leer
Could not guess his death was near

He slept she opened her eyes
She doffed her tempting lies
Her victim she espied
Feeds this ancient Succubi.



Featured Image: Head Huntress by Loputon

The Devil And Me

By Aarron Mondello


Travelling down the dark and empty street

With the devil by my side
He trotting with me on hooves not on feet
Matching my every stride.

Obsidian horns emit a black light
Stealing it from the stars
Around his shoulders rests a cloak of the night
And I speak “ What a glorious beast you are.”

Soul piercing eyes burn bright into me
As he turns his head to stare
His smile so wide it shows jagged black teeth
Framed by luscious lips so fair.

A sinuous grace that steals my senses
Brings to mind a poisonous snake
As beautiful temptation worms through my defences
Dark appetites begin to wake.

A body so shaped and seemingly supple
How can such perfection be true
I feel my mind  over taken my thoughts all befuddled
I speak “ What a beautiful creature are you.”

I stop where I stand as he turns once again
Those entrancing white eyes upon me
With a sharp whip like crack his cloak is now wings
And be begs “Let the me in your heart run free.”

‘I will’ I promise from somewhere inside
And although I never actually spoke
He nods knowingly when my desire he spied
He then turned and away he strode.

I stood in a shadow and watched my love leave
Growing hazier with every step
The deepest struggle I’ve known is to make sure I breathe
As he wafted away like a last dying breath.

I came back to myself and looked around scared
Almost worried that he’d soon be back
Almost hoping his wings would trap me – ensnared
Whilst feeling my horns of obsidian black.