By Aarron Mondello


He never asked
To be so reviled
Forced on him
This life of exile
On the day
He nearly died
A devil came
To revive
The man so young
It’s safe to say
Would have preferred
To pass away
Instead now
Banished to the night
The vampire lusts
For a neck to bite.

©Aarron Mondello2017

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Hidden Mushroom

By Aarron Mondello


In a cave deep under ground
In a dank and slimy cavern
Where glowing worms chase away the gloom
There grows a stalk so stoutly thick
With a cap as white snow
On a rock all covered in moss
Is a highly sought for mushroom.

It’s the only one with such a stalk
Bright blue and shining
And if half the tales told are true
No wonder everyone is pining
To get there hands on that one of kind
Softly glowing mushroom

Some say one thing it does
Is infuse you with life
And mayhap there be truth In the tale
Of it giving you future sight
Disease and sickness said to be Cleansed from a mother’s womb
If she were to eat just a shred of this marvelous mushroom

One tale told says it repairs old
Injuries taken in the past
Another that it sends you back
To the days you were young and fast
But none will know the truth of these
Few tales and many more
About the hidden mushroom grown From a tiny stardust spore

Featured image: screen shot from the ElderScrolls

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It Comes

By Aarron Mondello


Can you see it
Can you feel it
Can you hear it coming it near
It can see you
It can feel you
It can taste your fear
Through the darkness
Through the shadow
Through the night it stalks
Always hiding
Always biding
Time until it roars
Roars with hunger
Roars with fury
Roars triumphantly
As it pounces
As it pounces
As it starts to feed
Horror comes now
Terror comes now
Trailing down it’s back
A cloak of shadow
A cloak of darkness
Disguised as mortal man
Hear it knocking
At your front door
Begging to come in
Calling your name
Screaming your deeds
Begging to come in
Knock knock
Knock knock
Answer for your sins.

©Aarron Mondello 2017

The Maiden

By Aarron Mondello


The Maiden spoke with voice so fair
“Come ”
As the sun shone auburn in her hair
She smiled so wide and free
Her eyes sparkled mischievously

She laid her shoulders bare
She showed him sights so fare
He felt his manhood flare
Her body did she share

He took selfish pleasure in this deed
He sated primal lusts and needs
He felt his spirit soared free
She now slept contentedly

Deep down felt an unknown fear
Ignored the whispers in his ear
Did not see the shadows leer
Could not guess his death was near

He slept she opened her eyes
She doffed her tempting lies
Her victim she espied
Feeds this ancient Succubi.



Featured Image: Head Huntress by Loputon

The Hunt

I’m not sure i like this one. To be honest it feel very simple.

By Aarron Mondello



Coloured of the land

She blends in

Death can see her prey


Low to the ground

On silent feet

Death moves towards her prey


Eyes held steady

On her meal

Death can smell her prey


Bares her teeth

Claws are ready

To latch on to her prey


Muscles bunch

As death readies

To pounce upon her prey


A powerful leap

A hard impact

Death grips onto her prey


Claws sink in

Teeth rip the skin

Death pins down her prey


A shake of her head

Snaps a neck

No remorse for her prey.


The tiger carries

The meerkat away

Her cubs will eat this day.