I’ll take a promise from you

And put it in my pocket

Just to keep it safe until

I buy a little golden locket

I put it safe inside

To see that it’s not broken

Hang from a chain around my neck

The promise that was spoken

I wear it all the time

Keep it safe against my heart

And take comfort from your promise

When it gets a little dark

When ever I’m not with you

Not standing by your side

I whisper sweet things to the locket

And the promise held inside

Copyright Aarron Mondello


Will you? I will.

By Aarron Mondello


Will you hold my hand
If I make a grab for yours
Will you gaze with me
Through hidden secret doors
Will share your smile
To brighten up my day
Will you help me chase
Echoes of my past away
Will you sit with me
In comfort in the sun
Will you join your life
To mine and become one

I will hold your hand
I already am in truth
I will show you hidden windows
When all the doors we’ve looked through
I will smile to see
You smile back at me
I will chase away your past
Our new memories will last
I will sit with you
Wherever you want me to
We are already one
Our life has just begun

©Aarron Mondello