I’ll take a promise from you

And put it in my pocket

Just to keep it safe until

I buy a little golden locket

I put it safe inside

To see that it’s not broken

Hang from a chain around my neck

The promise that was spoken

I wear it all the time

Keep it safe against my heart

And take comfort from your promise

When it gets a little dark

When ever I’m not with you

Not standing by your side

I whisper sweet things to the locket

And the promise held inside

Copyright Aarron Mondello


Goodbye Kiss

By Aarron Mondello


She kissed me
If indeed a kiss it was
Her lips briefly rest upon
My own

Our hearts beat in time
Just for a moment it seems
Her lips jolting sparking
In my soul

And when she laid a hand
Upon my chest, I swear
All heaven’s angels sang
To me

Then she stepped away
And I fell ashamed
At the sudden surging lust
And greed

I want her skin on mine
Softly touching her heaving breasts
As our bodies intertwined
Become one

Just bare seconds in the day
Not even a fraction of our lives
Before she pulled her lips away
From mine

From where she stood
A pace back from me
I could smell her scent
So sweet

Them she smiled sadly
At my eyes and bent
To grab her bag and turned
Away from me

And now she has gone
No more angles I hear sing
For the road has taken her far
From me


Featured image: Kingdoms Hearts-Goodbye Kiss by Kukla-Factory