The peace of you


On shaky legs I stand

A pressure in my chest

Noises in my thoughts

That scarce allow me rest

Thumping in my ears

The rush of blood so loud

Like storm winds lashing heartstrings

With boiling, blackened clouds

That bare down upon on me with

The weight of a world behind

Yet when I hold your eyes with mine

Peace is what I find


©Aarron Mondello



I’ll take a promise from you

And put it in my pocket

Just to keep it safe until

I buy a little golden locket

I put it safe inside

To see that it’s not broken

Hang from a chain around my neck

The promise that was spoken

I wear it all the time

Keep it safe against my heart

And take comfort from your promise

When it gets a little dark

When ever I’m not with you

Not standing by your side

I whisper sweet things to the locket

And the promise held inside

Copyright Aarron Mondello


My Sleeping Loves


I see them sleeping peaceful
No lines upon their face
Features set blissful
Nowhere any trace
Can be found of stress
Or any heart sore care
When deep within their rest
None can touch them there
When one I love sleeps sound
Lost in a world of dreams
Affection swells profound
Bursting at the seams
And I see the true beauty
Of a soul travelling free
I feel it is my duty
To protect them in their dreams

©Aarron Mondello


Weekend children

By Aarron Mondello


The weekend is here
The kids are home
There’s laughter in the air
Nope. That’s screaming
And siblings fighting
Yelling “Hey that’s just not fair!”

The Little One
Starts acting up
For him it’s just no fun
When the others all
Shut their doors
And leave him on his own

So he packs it in
And chucks a fit
Then drops down on his bum
Starts to cry
And scream out loud
That he just wants his mum

But she’s at work
And he’s not happy
Neither is the Eldest Girl
His screaming fit
Outside her room
Is ruining her whole world

The middle two
Come out and ask
“Hey dad, what’s wrong with him?”
“Well ya buggered off
And shut your door
And will not let him in”

Miss Princess
Kneels down
But Little One is pissed
He takes a swipe
At her face
I’m so glad he missed

She starts to shout
But he turns around
“Oh dad I need wee wee”
But it’s too late
For as he stands
It’s running down his knees

The Oldest Boy
Looks disgusted
So far he’s stood there quiet
Now he snaps
At the Little One
“You should have used the toilet!”

Now there’s a puddle
I must clean
In the carpeted Hall
While all around me
All four are demanding
No wonder I’m going bald

I get it done
Now they’re all fighting
I decide its movie time
I put one on
Turn off the light
Now to get my bottle of wine

©Aarron Mondello

Image Fry from Futurama

Will you? I will.

By Aarron Mondello


Will you hold my hand
If I make a grab for yours
Will you gaze with me
Through hidden secret doors
Will share your smile
To brighten up my day
Will you help me chase
Echoes of my past away
Will you sit with me
In comfort in the sun
Will you join your life
To mine and become one

I will hold your hand
I already am in truth
I will show you hidden windows
When all the doors we’ve looked through
I will smile to see
You smile back at me
I will chase away your past
Our new memories will last
I will sit with you
Wherever you want me to
We are already one
Our life has just begun

©Aarron Mondello


My Thoughts While I Eat My Pie.

By Aarron Mondello

I wrote this little one a few weeks ago when I was away from home and missing my special lady. 

Sitting by the beach
Eating a hot pie
Staring out to sea
Where the ocean meets the sky
A small bird flying fast
Across the ocean blue
A fishing line is cast
And I think of you
Ripples on the surface
As the gentle breeze blows
Speed boat coming near us
Gradually it slows
By my side another car
Next to that another few
Today you feel so far
So I only think of you
And here a single man
Walking along barefoot
Slowly up the sand
While a lady reads her book
Two friends siting near
Discussing what to do
I’m close to enough hear
Yet I only think of you
Yellow buoys bobbing
Someone freestyle swimming
And my mind is throbbing
With thoughts of you this evening

©Aarron Mondello2017

Image is my own photo


By Aarron Mondello


The past lingers on
In dreams and in song
In nightmares sent to haunt
Be they good or bad
Merry or sad
Memories can sting and taunt

The first forbidden kiss
A moment of sensual bliss
The day your heart was broken
The sun in her hair
His skin glistening fair
Dark deeds left ever unspoken

A strangers smile
The bursting joy while
You first hold a squirming babe
The sadness deep
That makes loved ones weep
As a life begins to fade

In our minds
Walk images of time
Memories build us high
In our hearts
Light and dark
Until we ascend into the sky.

©Aarron Mondello 2017

Featured image found here

A Mother’s Rhyme

By Aarron Mondello


A cry a whimper
You have nothing to fear
Squirming agitated
Mummas here
Hush now little one
Don’t you fret
Hush now darling
Never forget
All your life
You’ll have me
To make you feel as
Happy as you can be
I’ll care for you
And teach you all
You need to know
To get up from a fall
In your veins
Mothers blood pumps
From my heart
Pure love runs
You’ll always have
A piece of me
To help your wounded
Spirit free
To move on
From hard times
This I swear
In a Mother’s Rhyme.

Featured image: Mother Berthe Holding Her Baby by Mary Cassatt.

Looking For Myself

I would love to know what you think of this one that I wrote at  a time in life, a few years ago, when I lost sight of who i was. First penned 1/5/2012

By Aarron Mondello


Under every rock i peek,
Behind every bush I seek,
With open eyes and open mind,
I look to find what I can see.

Behind all closed doors I look,
In the shadows of every nook,
With hopeful heart and hopeful soul,
I look to fill my life’s book.

I go search underground,
To see what might be found,
With cautious steps and cautious breaths,
I left a token with the spirit bound.

I gaze in strangers eyes,
I stare long at starlit skies,
With fearful thoughts in my fearful mind,
I look to find my hidden life.

I look everywhere I roam,
I search hardest here at home,
With high hopes in my fractured soul,
I look to make myself known.

©Aarron Mondello