A Dream Of You

By Aarron Mondello


I dreamt of you last night
Sitting in our room
In your chair by the window
Staring at the moon

Silent as the night you were
Nary a word you said
Even when I spoke to you
You were quiet as the dead

Like a ghost you were last night
Although I felt not scared
Light of heart I felt last night
To find you sitting there

The sky outside grew lighter
As dawn drew close to home
When the birds began their morning song
I found that you were gone

I dreamt of you last night
But was it a dream for true?
For on the cushion of your seat
Rests a letter penned by you

Just a moment

Sometimes I write pieces that seem a little silly to me. I keep them anyway.

This is one of them. Feel free to leave some feedback.

By Aarron Mondello



The sun is up
The birds are singing
The day begins anew
The house is clean
It really isn’t
There’s so much left to do
But take a time
To just relax
To enjoy just being you.

Read a book
Enjoy the sun
Bask in its warming light
Or if the sun is down
In your sky above
Enjoy the moon so bright
Soak in the sights
Soak in the sounds
Swim in the joys of life.

Have a coffee
Meet with friends
Simple things in life are best
There is no need
To be always busy
So set yourself this test
To spare a moment
Of each day
And allow yourself to rest.

Play with your kids
Walk with your partner
Along a sandy beach
When you can
Share your wisdom
We all have something to teach
Just remember
The joys of life
And happiness you will reach.