It Comes

By Aarron Mondello


Can you see it
Can you feel it
Can you hear it coming it near
It can see you
It can feel you
It can taste your fear
Through the darkness
Through the shadow
Through the night it stalks
Always hiding
Always biding
Time until it roars
Roars with hunger
Roars with fury
Roars triumphantly
As it pounces
As it pounces
As it starts to feed
Horror comes now
Terror comes now
Trailing down it’s back
A cloak of shadow
A cloak of darkness
Disguised as mortal man
Hear it knocking
At your front door
Begging to come in
Calling your name
Screaming your deeds
Begging to come in
Knock knock
Knock knock
Answer for your sins.

©Aarron Mondello 2017