The Last Storyteller

By Aarron Mondello

written 15/1/2018 

There’s an old man silent somewhere
Sitting in his chair
On his tongue rests a tale
From when he was young and fair

Once he built worlds with his voice
To carry young and old
To faraway lands in unknown kingdoms
With the tales that he told

Over the years his voice grew hoarse
And lost its lilting song
No longer were his words quite enough
For an audience to hang upon

In his dotage the fancy took him
To tell his tales to the birds
The echo of elation rushed through him
As he tumbled out his words

Now even the birds have turned away
And fled frigid Winter air
He just mumbles his tales to himself
And audience that isn’t there

©Aarron Mondello


The Very Beginning

By Aarron Mondello

Ilkahliel, nameless, void. The Void.
Awoke and spoke and heard no echo
Cried shinning tears in solitary sorrow
They cascaded down and all around
To Ilkahliel, The Void, they bound
And The Void first knew light.

So it was that Ilkahliel made stars and they clung about his heavenly vastness and filled his blackness with the first thing that was not him.
They shone to him like revelation and he knew he could do more.

Time did not pass, for time was not. But Ilkahliel was, and he was alone.
He spoke into the light dotted nothing and lacking any whom could speak back, he spoke for those that did not exist.
And in the no-time there was only  Ilkahliel.
Until suddenly there was another.
“Who are you to be in this blackness with these beautiful gems all to himself? The other asked suddenly and Ilkahliel thought himself half mad.
“I name myself Ilkahliel, the Void. I am the blackness I cried these beautiful gems and they are bound to me,” Ilkahliel spoke back, “But pray, who art thou to exist within me and speak as though ye hold dominion here?”
The other fell silent and Ilkahliel despaired to be alone.
Then the other spoke again,
“You have named me La’Tail and I exist within you and of you. You gave me a voice though you spoke it for me for I was not strong enough in presence to do so myself. And now…I am.”
And time did not pass for time was not.
Suddenly La’Tail spike again.
“Ilkahliel, may I not be as you? I am but a thought in you thoughts . May I not have form such as you?”
“I have no form,” came Ilkahliel’s reply, “I am just darkness.”
“Not so, for if you were, these gems would have naught to bind and cling to,” La’Tail mused.
Ilkahliel considered this and decided it was true.
Then, “Yes, I grant the boon you ask. I will give you form so that you may  live beyond me and on me, and serve me. Be now, La’Tail,” and he wept again. This time with joy at the thought of having a child born of his essence.
His tears fell and gathered together, pooling into a vast glowing Jewel that outshone any of the gems and lit the void of Ilkahliel revealing the wonders of his form that was no more just The Void.
On La’Tail stretched his light until it shone to the far reaches of Ilkahliel and he saw there large boils grown of Ilkahliel. So large had they grown they had separated from him and were tethered by a single thin tendril on which they lazily spun.
La’Tail, free to have his own thoughts discovered curiosity and greatly desired to see these boils and moved himself to them.
But he did not see the tendrils and became ensnared in them and snapped them.
The tendrils held La’Tail tightly in their midst and evermore did he shine down on and in them, warming them with his light.

Of my birth and the creation of light.
Penned by La’Tail, Giver of light, life and all things that grow, during my time among the Vor’Dalee.

©Aarron Mondello

I would love to know what you think of this one. 


Of Creation

Here is the first little snippet of my world Galdenya that I am building through story and poem. I have been slowly growing this world for the better part of a year. This is just a tiny piece, a drop in an ocean, if you will. 

Ilkahliel, nameless, void. The Void.
Awoke and spoke and heard no echo
Cried shinning tears in solitary sorrow
They cascaded down and all around
To Ilkahliel, The Void, they bound
And The Void first knew light.

Of the Creation. Penned by the hand of La’Tail, God of light, life and all green things that grow, during his time with the Vor’Dalee.

©Aarron Mondello


My world is growing

First of all I would like to extend my utmost gratitude to the people who have followed me during the last couple of months. There are a few of you who I see have read almost every one of my poems and that is truly a profound experience for me personally. You have my undying gratitude. 

Now, I have been writing poems and short stories for over twenty years and only about three months ago finally found the courage to start sharing them. It has been, and still is, a scary ride. A lot of my words hold deep meaning to me and to open them to an actual audience is frightening, yet exhilarating. I find I am almost addicted to it now and despise the days when life prevents me from writing or sharing with you all. And at this time of year those days seem plenty. At least to me.

I would ask a favour of any who do read my words though. A small one. I would like critique. Constructive criticism, if you may. As much as I truly appreciate the likes and follows, I have spent most of my life hiding from the world at large and would greatly love to know what you think of my words.

And now to the subject of my title. My World Is Growing. In April 2017 I was consumed by a tale that needed to be told, one I have not yet shared here. It was a feverish need to get this story out over the course of four days. Surreal to remember now how every moment I had a pen in my hand writing it. And the few times I could not actually put words down my mind was racing and over flowing with the words that came next.

For the most part, over those four days, I had no idea what I was writing and often stopped to exclaim surprised to my lovely lady “Holy crap! He found a boat half buried in the ice!” Or “He is the blood of Vor’Dalee!” She had little idea what I was talking about. Until it was finished I would not share much of what I had written to even her.

With the courage I have gained since starting this blog and my facebook page I have begun to build this world further. And it is growing. Calling to be coloured and asking that soon I share it with others.

I have you all to thank, anyone who has ever read anything I have written, for the courage to build this growing world.

I look forward to the day I begin to share the world of Galdenya with you and hope with all my heart you enjoy seeing it as much I have enjoyed carving it from the block of my mind.

Thank you all. May you have a safe New Years and a prosperous 2018.

Thank you.

Aarron Mondello


Image is my pages waiting for me to fill them and the sword with which I carve my worlds.