Happy Place

There’s a rushing in my ears

I just can’t block it out

A bubbling in my throat that

Makes me want to scream and shout

A tightness in my chest that

Makes it hard to breathe

Where did these feelings come from

Who planted all the seeds

Of tears in my eyes that grow

Like silver woven lace

Little pearls of sadness

Sliding down my face

A pounding in my head comes from

All the shouting voices

All trying to push me

To make all of their choices

While somewhere in the past lives

The memory of a ghost

A slimy little symbiote

Of which I am the host

I close my eyes and take a breath

None of it matters here

In a special little hidey hole

I keep between my ears

Copyright Aarron Mondello


Voices on the Wind


What if the wind
Was the collective voice
Of every loved one who
Ever passed?

Endless voices of sorrow
Trying their simple best
To answer every question
Ever asked.

I’d listen contentedly
To all of things they’ve seen
And done since they were here
with me last.

© Aarron Mondello