Winter Wind



Blowing down a mountain

A wayward Winter wind

Traveling with all speed

Trying to catch the Spring


But Spring was just too spritely

And quickly dodged aside

So the curious Winter wind

Blew onto Summer time


Summer time was much too dry

Winter wind grew much too warm

So it skirted ‘round the edges

And to Autumn it blew on


Yet when the winter wind

Blew golden Autumn leaves

Tears of ice it cried

When they fell down from their trees


So weak and barely blowing

Winter wind came finally home

And never through the seasons

Did Winter again roam


©Aarron Mondello


Voices on the Wind


What if the wind
Was the collective voice
Of every loved one who
Ever passed?

Endless voices of sorrow
Trying their simple best
To answer every question
Ever asked.

I’d listen contentedly
To all of things they’ve seen
And done since they were here
with me last.

© Aarron Mondello